How We Used WordPress To Create The Largest Tech Blog In The Balkans

The continuing success of Netokracija, the platform I built with the best media team in the region, has always been based on the success of its community. Which is why it’s so fitting that I had the chance to talk about Netokracija at one of the most community-driven events in the region: WordCamp Zagreb 2017.

300 people participated in this year's conference!

300 people participated in this year’s conference! (Photo by Mauricio Gelves)

After my pitches for social media and startup topics started being declined (“pfff, who cares about Facebook?”)  by the old guard of tech magazines I was writing for, it was the new tech media publications like Techcrunch and Mashable that gave me a solution: WordPress, then in its 2.8 version and already powering over 35% of the world’s top blogs according to Technorati.

Drawing parallels between the evolution of WordPress and the growth of Netokracija in my talk, I tried to explain:

  • How the WordPress platform helps businesses like Netokracija iterate fast;
  • How the WordPress community ethics and principles are a great analogy to sound business strategy;
  • Why what you want in business might not actually be what you really want.

You can watch my 40-minute talk on YouTube at 2 hours, 7 minutes in of the complete WordCamp Zagreb video:

…while the slides are up on both Slideshare and Slidedeck:

I’m looking forward to taking this talk on the road to other WordCamps around the world. It’s not just a case study, but uses the elements of the WordPress community and ecosystem itself as an analogy of the success of a project based on the platform.  If you’re organizing a WordCamp and would like to have me talk about this topic, don’t hesitate to email me!

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Ivan Brezak Brkan is going to tell us a love story between WordPress and Netokracija – the leading Tech Blog in the Balkans

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