Ivan Brezak Brkan - DUMP Days

Dump Days 2019: Why Would You Work in FinTech?

Didn’t even realize it was my 3rd time speaking at the best student conference in Croatia; Dump Days, until I went on stage to talk about why engineering students should consider working in FinTech in advance of September’s PSD2 Deadline.

As Tywin Lannister (not Tyrion like in my slides, my bad! Should have asked Bran to confirm…) points out in Season 5, Westeros lives in the shadow of the Iron Bank and so do we live in the shadow of the financial system. Thankfully, thanks to PSD2, that financial system opening up in Europe!

For a new generation of developers and designers, it’s a true opportunity to disrupt the financial industry… but also collaborate with it! Just like Croatian tech pioneers Infinum and PhotoMath have collaborated with Erste bank – and on a more international front – how FinTech companies like Revolut and N26 are challenging traditional banks!

Ivan Brezak Brkan - DUMP Days