Small Business Marketing Is All About Entrepreneurial Trust

As an entrepreneur who launched his company at age 22, I know how hard it is in the beginning. Entrepreneurs need inspiration, encouragement and practical help to succeed, which is why I love helping companies who want to work with SMBs and startups, not just sell them their products.

B2B, but especially SMB marketing, is completely different than marketing to end consumers. Flashy ads and agressive campaigns don’t mean anything if you don’t have the trust of your small business customers, which most larger companies ironically have a hard time doing.

Most Marketing agencies also don’t know what they’re doing most of the time, with creative and content that no entrepreneur would be persuaded by. Social media strategies for reaching small businesses end up being ‘use LinkedIn’, without realizing how to actually reach entrepreneurs on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms, losing their clients reach and – in the process – revenue.

How You Can Help SMBs – Winning Them As Clients

Thanks to following the startup industry as the editor of Netokracija since 2009., I’ve been invited to mentor numerous startups and small businesses at some of the leading business accelerators in the world, such as Seedcamp, as well as Deutsche Telekom’s Hub:raum. These experienced have taught me just