SAP Forum 2016: Startups, Corporates and Awards For Netokracija

Being involved with both corporates and startups in Southeastern Europe, I had the pleasure of talking about how the two could work together as part of a panel at the SAP Forum 2016 in Zagreb, alongside experts from Podravka and Agrokor’s mStart.

What is the SAP Forum?

The SAP Forum which takes place annually in Zagreb and is one of the largest tech conferences in Croatia. For those not familiar with SAP, it’s a German multinational software company present in over 130 countries with almost 300,000 customers around the world.

You Need ‘Startup Types’

Along with Coworking Croatia’s founder Matija Raos, STEMI’s co-founder Pavao Pahljina, mStart’s innovation manager Marina Meštrović and Podravka’s Open Innovation manager Emir Džanić, I talked about how corporates such as the ones present at the SAP Forum could and should work with startups to improve the rate of innovation.

The conversation was moderated by my long-term colleague and friend Luka Sučić, currently manager of the Croatian coworking space Hub385 where our own Netokracija offices are headed. Luka’s experience with the question of startup-corporate cooperation stems from his work at Deutsche Telekom, including working as an investment manager at DT’s Hub:raum accelerator in Krakow.


Win For Netokracija: Mia Wins Journalistic Award

What made me smile most at SAP’s event was the moment we knew that Mia Biberović, Netokracija executive editor, won the yearly ‘Božo Težak’ award for journalistic excellence for her work on writing about technology in the previous year. Panel’s come and go, but having Mia’s work honored was truly the highlight of the SAP Forum 2016!


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