Moderating a Great Professional Conversation

You can have the best experts in the world, but if you don’t lead their conversation, it can end up being the most boring discussion you’ve ever seen. Thanks to years of moderating experts, dignitaries and C-level executives, I’d love to help you host the great panel or fireside chat for your event.

Moderating a conversation between development experts from Heroku, Mozilla and Raiffeisen bank at the international Shift conference.

Honestly, I can’t remember the first panel I ever moderated, but I know I was hooked from the beginning: Helping people that are really passionate and know their topic express themselves and also discuss important issues.

So You Need a Moderator?

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience moderating panels not only at some of the largest conferences in Europe such as Weekend Media Festival, but also corporate event for companies like Mastercard, I can help organize, prepare and moderate the best discussion possible, while giving an opportunity for all the panelists to shine.

Moderating is all about making other people shine (Photo: KreŇ°imir Strahonja)

Let me:

  • Plan the panel based on the topic or panelists with you, making your life easier;
  • Research the panelists so I’ll be ready to not only ask them the right questions, but also know more about their character;
  • Foster a debate in which panelists can interestingly articulate their viewpoints while being interesting to the audience;
  • Prepare the topic and questions we’ll go through in the panel, based on your input;
  • Get in touch with the panelists and prep them for the panel before it starts, so you don’t need to worry about if they’re ready.
Before a panel at a Mastercard launch event, moderating a panel of digital economy experts.