Featured In .Me Domain’s E-book “How To Start A Blog”

Sometimes you have to start at the beginning – which is why the beginner-friendly e-book “How to Start a Blog“, edited together by .Me blog editor Sanja Gardašević will help any new and up-and-coming blogger.

Filled with everything you need to know about essential blogging topics, this e-book will help you:

  • Optimize your blog for search engine rankings;
  • Deal with comments on your blog;
  • Choose a great domain for your blog;
  • Experiment with different types of content;
  • and much more…

According to Sanja, the e-book proves that “it really takes a village to create something beautiful”, which she has done by gathering content from the .Me blog by authors such as .Me marketing director Nataša Đukanović, blogger Danica Kombol and founder Jill Robinson.

About Comments… And Content

Sanja asked me to contribute to the chapter on blog comments, where I compared them to the dynamic duo, as I did originally at the Blogomanija conference in 2013.:

The thing is, we don’t actually want to turn away people who comment on our posts. Their feedback is valuable to us. They are the feedback we need to grow as bloggers and writers and reporters.

Content and comments are like Batmanand Robin, the dynamic duo making the blogosphere and Robin, the dynamic duo making the blogosphere
a better place. While we like to think comments are something that only emerged in the last decade, in the digital era, people have always sent their feedback to the press – it just used to be done in form of a letter or by picking up the phone. By censoring the comments we put an end to this long tradition of writer (or blogger) – reader interaction.What I tried doing is contacting the flamers in

What I tried doing is contacting the flamers in person – well, through e-mail at least. Saying, hey I read your comment, what seems to be the problem? Do you want to talk it out in person? (They never do)Instead of censoring comments,

Instead of censoring comments, lets try to influence the people who comment and create a new generation who do not hate everything on the Internet just because they can.

You can get the e-book for free by downloading it at the .Me domain website (direct PDF link).

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