Donating $15,000 to the Best Croatian Startup Thanks to the Largest Regional B2B Esport Tournament

It’s important to every business to contribute back to the community that helped foster it, which is why I’m so happy to be one of the judges of the 1st startup contest of Good Game, the largest B2B esports tournament in Europe. The prize? $15,000 with no strings attached.

I remember the first time Nikola, the founder of Good Game, asked me over pizza at Zero Zero, what I thought about the idea of an esports tournament for tech and digital companies. I loved it and encouraged Nikola to run with it.

He did and launched the tournament in 2016.

Now it’s 2018 and Good Game held its 3rd tournament in Zagreb – the largest yet – with 32 teams from international companies such as Uber and Deloitte, Croatian tech stars such as Rimac Automobili and Nanobit, as well as corporates such as Vipnet and HPB. The growing event moved from the Hub385 coworking space to Jadran Film studios:

The finale saw Valiance and Locastic, who companies who also have their own esports organizations, duke it out for first place with Valiance coming out on top.

Valiance osvojio Good Game, s trona skinuo Rimca

Good Game’s Powerup to a Worthy Startup

Past years saw Good Game buy consoles for children’s hospitals in Croatia, while this year’s donation will be about entrepreneurship in the same spirit of the project and its contestants. Part of the revenue, over $15,000, will be donated to a up-and-coming Croatian startup as a little… powerup. With a lack of no-string-attached seed capital and smart money in the region, there’s an obvious benefit to any startup that wins the pitching competition to be held on September 9th.

Good Gameov žiri odlučit će kojem hrvatskom startupu ide 100 tisuća kuna!

The 10 judges will be representatives of Good Game, its entrepreneurial contestants, corporate and media partners, including:

  • Rimac Automobili founder Mate Rimac;
  • STEM evangelist Nenad Bakić;
  • Vip head of PR Martina Rizman;
  • Vip CMO Lordan Kondić;
  • Algebra co-founder Hrvoje Balen;
  • Infinum co-founder Tomislav Car;
  • Telegram editor-in-chief Miran Pavić;
  • MSAN PR manager Sergej Ivasović;
  • Good Game founder and CEO Nikola Stolnik;
  • and little old me as the founder of Netokracija, the largest startup publication in Southeastern Europe.

If you have a startup that wants to not just win $15,000 in no-strings-attached funding, but also promote itself to the regional startup community, you can apply at GG.Me.

Let the best startup win! Cheers!


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