ENTG Launches Emily, An Innovative Visual Data Analysis System

Ida Pandur, Sven Marusic, Tomislav Tipurić and Nikola Dujmović comment Emily!

Ida Pandur, Sven Marusic, Tomislav Tipurić and Nikola Dujmović comment Emily!

Croatian technology and digital marketing companies ENTG, Span and Infocumulus today revealed their innovative IoT solution, Emily, a smart system for data collection and analysis. Emily is a system that uses advanced image analysis and synthesizes obtained data in specific conclusions which allows you to plan a successful campaign and increase sales.

The exclusive presentation took place in Zagreb’s Hub385 innovation center, with over 50 participants from Croatia’s largest companies – and Ivan as the moderator and MC. ENTG chose Ivan to moderate because of his expertise with the topic and familiarity with a large number of the targeted audience.

As Ida Pandur – CEO and founder of ENTG, points out:

Ivan is a person who makes your event not just a well hosted one, but no matter how many people you have, when he takes the stage, he makes everyone feel at home and relaxed. That way, he manages to set up a right mood for information sharing and participation. You get well contextual jokes as a bonus.

Emily analyzes, learns and recognizes patterns in pictures, recognizes a person’s gender, age and emotional state: Their happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, concempt, disgust or neutral state. Emily can be used inside stores, for shop windows as well as digital signage. Read more about Emily in Croatian at Netokracija or visit their website at Emily.zone!

Emily in Zagreb

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