Featured In The Book “How To Build a Successful Blog Business”

I learnt how important evergreen or pillar aticles were for successful blogs while working for the largest freelancing blog in the world, Freelance Switch, back in 2011.

Freelance Switch and Envato founder Collis Ta’eed explains in his book “How To Build A Successful Blog Business” how a single post I wrote was among the top 5 pieces of content on that website even 2 years after it was published:

One of the early posts on FreelanceSwitch was by the writer Ivan Brezak Brkan who penned “35 Absolutely Essential Mac Apps” for the site. It was an atticle about Mac apps for freelancers that experienced success on both Digg and Delitious. It was a classic evergreen article that attracted lots of traffic and was a big success. However, a month or so after the post was published, I pretty much ceased to think much about it.

Two years later when browsing throught Google Analytics I happened to notice that one of the top keywords that FreelanceSwitch ranked for on Google was “Mac Apps”. A bit of research revealed that in fact the one article by Ivan had been consistently sending high amounts of search traffic month after month.

The traffic these search rankings sent made that single article one of the top posts on the site virtually every single month.

The success of this post, explained Collis, lead to envato launching a dedicated Mac apps blog in the future.

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