Why I Started this Little Blog

From being known as the “blogger without a blog” to founding and being the CEO of Southeastern Europe’s most proficient business-technology media brand, Netokracija, I’ve always loved how writing online lets me go back into the archive and see where my thoughts (as well as a lot of dreams) were in the past.

As Netokracija has grown, however, it’s become far more than a single person’s blog and requires me to write long-form, detailed articles that need to adhere to our very ambitious editorial plans and great audience.

I knew I missed having a place to just… make notes… on the web, to truly blog. Reading experienced investor and blogger Fred Wilson’s “A Public Record“, where he states how blogging for more than 14  years has helped him in a similar way – took me back a moment:

I tend to get obsessed about one thing and write a lot about it. Which creates a public record. You can’t hide from that, but then again blogging is the opposite of hiding.

My mate Nebojša Radović’s blog, that he has been writing since 2005., confirmed that it made sense. This little blog, little website, isn’t a content project, a fast-growing blog, a media company. It’s my little, personal corner of the web, a public record.

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I'm the founder and editor of Netokracija, always interested in new digital experiences.

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