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Ivan Brezak Brkan is going to tell us a love story between WordPress and Netokracija – the leading Tech Blog in the Balkans

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Tweetokracija, Faceokracija As Southeastern Europe 1st Social Media Workshops in 2009.

Before Facebook was ‘cool’ in the business world and every company had a social media strategy, Peđa Pušelja Blogowski and I launched the first Twitter and Facebook workshops in the region – in Zagreb. The largest brands in Croatia showed up; from T-Mobile and HBO to NovaTV and Allianz; and the rest is history – in 140 characters.

TweetupZG: The Largest Twitter Meetup in the Balkans

Unlike other social media users in other countries, Twitter users in the Balkans ended up forming a tight-knit group that was sometimes called “Tvitoslavija”, a reference to the ex-Yugoslavian state that was formed from various countries of the region. Which is exactly why the #TweetupZG I managed on a regular basis for years (and still try to to this day) were the largest of their kind, gathering more than a 100 tweeps at each meetup.

Training Bonbon’s Unique Social Media Support Team

While Bonbon might seem similar to other telecom brands, it’s social media outreach and support has no parallels in Croatia or the region. Where other telecom brands sound official and aren’t really helpful, @MojBonbon on Twitter as well as on Facebook communicates truly friendly, directly and truthfully. It makes me so proud that Bonbon’s founding director, Lordan Kondić, gave me the chance to train the team initially in 2010., alongside my colleague Nikola Krajačić. They learnt to tweet, share and support in a true #win!

Organizing Croatia’s 1st Startup Conference: Web.start

In a time when startups weren’t hot and nobody knew how to get a seed investment, along with Berislav Lopac, I organized the second edition of Croatia’s first startup conference. Web.start in 2009. was the first event to gather web entrepreneurs in one place and recognize a new trend that was just about to explode: tech startups!

Creating .Me’s Global Blog

Training Bonbon’s Social Media Support Team

Creating Microsoft WinDay’s Blog

Co-organizing BarCamp Zagreb

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